If you have an investment property, put it to work!!!
Hire a team of people who are dedicated to renting your property, and making sure it is in excellent condition, at all times.



This option is best for people who would like to be able to sit back and relax, knowing that every aspect of their investment is being cared for. This is also the best option if you would like to rent your home as a vacation rental.


  • Weekly property checks

  • Payment of all electricity, internet, cable, gas and water bills

  • Payment of HOA fees and special assessments

  • Payment of Trust fees and Property Taxes

  • Cleaning ($350 pesos per cleaning)

  • Maintenance coordination (no-upcharging)

  • Minor Maintenance ($180 pesos per hour)

  • Monthly expense statements


This is a great option for people who perform a lot of the care and upkeep on their homes by themselves, but who need someone to help while they are away. Or for people who need a little help coordinating cleanings and maintenance from time to time.

Rates and Frequencies

  • $20 USD per property check (roughly 1-hour)

    • minimum 1 check per month if property is unoccupied​

  • $20 USD for monthly bill payment

    • CFE, Jumapam, Telmex, HOA​

  • $10 USD for Trust and/or Property Tax payment

  • $20 USD per hour for coordination and supervision of maintenance performed

  • 10% added to purchases made for the property

    • cleaning supplies, sheets, towels, blenders, toasters, etc.​

  • Cleaning ($400 pesos per cleaning)

    • minimum 1 cleaning per month


"We are extremely pleased with the service we have received, we find them to be very professional and detail oriented, we would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a property manager in Mazatlan.Finally we feel that we can be at home in Canada and not worry about our casa in the least, we know that it is being checked on regularly and we get updates a couple of times a month, if there are any issues/concerns they are conveyed to us immediately and looked after by Rachel and Jorge. The peace of mind we have now is priceless!"


Pat Mattick & Dave Marlatt

Occan Properties has given me peace of mind knowing that my investment property is in very good hands and allows me to feel at ease and that their sincerity and professionalism is second to none!!!...


I was lucky enough to find them on their website and liked what I saw so I decided to contact them....and after some conversation they agreed to manage my home in Mazatlan...I feel very fortunate to have them manage my property.... I can totally rely on them and always welcome their thoughts and ideas.


They go the extra mile.....I find them to be extremely professional....dedicated.....trustworthy...reliable and knowledgable. They put up with my hyper personality....they laugh at my jokes which is awesome....they have experience....they have intelligence...they have humor and undeniable charm that is destined to melt you and make you feel relaxed and assured that everything is ok!...


sincerely yours

Tim (from Canada) 


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At OCCAN Properties, we will care for and attend to your home as if it were our own. We realize the great responsibility involved in managing your home, and we are up to the task!


Please, contact us today to see what we can do for you. We can correspond by phone, e-mail or even better, set up a face-to-face meeting here in beautiful Mazatlan.