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Family Friendly Outdoor Activities in Mazatlan

1. Buy a kite and fly it at Parque Ciudades Hermanas.

This park is great for doing more than just flying a kite...but really...when was the last time you flew a kite! We just bought a kite from a vendor on the road, and our son was thrilled! There is a large grassy are at the park, and since it is just across the street from the ocean, there is a constant breeze, perfect for flying a kite, and keeping you cool at the same time!

At this park, there are several "zones." We are usually in the area for smaller kids, which has a soft ground, and is enclosed. There is also another area for kids that are a little bigger than ours, maybe for 7-12 year olds. This space is more open and has bigger games for the kids to play on. There are pic-nic tables and bathrooms as well for you to use.

For adults, there is also an outdoor gym with equipment that uses your own weight for the movements.

There is ample parking if you have a car. Or if you are taking a cab, the park is right along the malecon, so it's really easy to get to.

2. Rent a bike and cruise the malecon.

Baikas is a Mazatlan company that does bike rentals. They have bikes of all sizes, as well as carries for small children to ride on the back of a bike. They have locations at Olas Altas and in the Golden Zone, so you can start your ride at either end. Prices are very reasonable, and there isn't a better feeling than having the sea-breeze and sunshine flowing by you!

3. Hike El Faro.

This is a pretty easy hike to do, although we recommend doing it early in the morining to avoid the heat of the day. You can drive or take a cab to the base of the hill, and do the hike in 30 mins or so...depending on how many breaks you take. Our 4 year old did about 95% of the hike on his own, and we carried the almost 2-year old on our shoulders.

Bring some water and snacks, and wear comfortable clothing (although I have seen many women in heels walking up as well...madness!) The view from the top is incredible, and the glass walk-way is another experience in and of itself.

4. Hit the beach in front of Hotel Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan.

We like this beach because the water is calm and the beach is flat. It is the ideal place for small kids to get a taste of the ocean and to play in the surf. If you have a car, you can park in the parking area right in front of the beach, just pay $20 pesos for the day. If you don't have a car, you can access the beach on the northern edge of the Pueblo Bonito can walk down the access road from the main road (Camaron Sabalo) that runs through the Golden Zone.

5. Spend the day at MazAgua water park.

This water park really is fun for the whole family! There is a great kids area, but there are also some pretty big slides for adults as well. MazAgua is located in the Northern end of the city, out near Cerritos beach. There is a big parking lot if you bring a car, but you can get cabs or Ubers to take you as well.

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