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Top 5 "Little" Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Mazatlan, MX

Now that we are a family of 4, we think about other things before we all go out to eat... Is there going to be room for our giant stroller beside the table? Is there a change table in the bathroom? How long can we keep the kids occupied until all hell breaks lose?!

So, here are our families top picks for little kid friendly restaurants in Mazatlan (our kids are currently 4.5 and almost 2 yrs).

1. Looney Bean Coffee Shop

This coffee spot was a favourite even before we had kids...but now with the kids, it's great that we can still continue to go, and enjoy ourselves at the same time! The Looney Bean has great breakfasts, lunches, pastries, and of course coffee, which is roasted in house.

They have a kids play area set-up in both of their locations (Olas Altas and Playa Brujas), so the kids can play while we get a little break. There are healthy food options like oatmeal or fruit and yogourt plates for breakfast, and our kids also love the muffins (and the french toast or waffles!)

The staff are also really accommodating, and help us to find a place for the stroller so that it's not in the way, and they are always friendly with the kids. I would recommend trying to get there by about 8:30am if you go on a Sunday morning...then you can get one of the tables that are right next to the play area. If you are ok sitting a little farther away, then don't worry too much about the time.

2. Barracrudas (on Ave. de la Marina)

Barracrudas is a great restaurant for seafood, and families with kids of all ages. They have a HUGE play park set-up inside the restaurant, with shade above for those hotter days. There are kid-friendly food options on the menu, like fish-sticks or pop-corn shrimp...although our son loves to eat the fresh octopus slices with lime (weird kid...I know!)

The wait staff here are also great. Quick service and fun atmosphere.

3. Cimaco Terraza

This place kind of took me by surprise. I went to lunch with some friends, and saw that at Cimaco, they have a large play area inside the restaurant! The area is enclosed, with one open door for the kids to go in and out of. There is even a person on staff to supervise the kids that are playing inside.

The area is large and bright, and there is a big glass window so that you can see your kids at all times. There are a variety of activities for kids of all ages. The restaurant hasn't been too busy on the occasions that I have been there, so plenty of room for baby gear and spreading out over a big table.

4. Pacific Golf Center and Food Truck Park

We like to come here particularily on Sunday afternoon, when the park also has a big bouncy castle set-up for the kids. There is a small enclosed area with the swings and slide shown in the photo above, which is nice for the smaller kids. But the bouncy castle and foose-ball table are great for the older kids too.

There are a variety of food truck at the park, offering Vegan, sushi, hamburgers, pizza, etc. The whole place is open air, and there is a driving range for kids and adults alike. The area is large and open, so come with your stroller, your diaper bag and all the fixings, because there is a lot of space here for everything :)

5. La Mazatleca

We like going to this restaurant for their delicious tostadas and exotic cocktails. The restaurant is also right on the beach, so you have an amazing view day or night, and the kids have fun playing around in the sand.

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