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Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes in Mazatlan, Sin.

Our friend Ana Paola Osuna has been in the food industry for years now. She has owned and operated a local restaurant in the historic centre, and is now focusing her efforts on providing group cooking classes with a focus on traditional Mexican cuisine.

Ana Paola is full of energy and knowledge, and puts on a great class! Not only do you learn how to prepare delicious meals, but you learn the history behind the food as well, and what it means for the Mexican culture.

The class is offered weekly on Thursday's from 10:00am to 2:00pm in the Historic Centre, and has a cost of $850 pesos. Contact Paola at phone: 669-171-4800 or email:

The photos in this blog are from a class that focused on corn, and the importance of corn in the Mexican diet. Paola showed students how many different items could be made from the same basic corn-based dough...and it was delicious!

Fried taquitos were made with a green tomatillo salsa and fresh cheese.

The making of the green salsa.

Look at this spread of fresh and delicious local ingredients!

Not only do you learn a great deal of information on cooking, but you learn techniques and recipes, and best of get to eat what you prepare!

Buen provecho!


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