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Things to do in Mazatlan with your partner

Watch the sunset from the beach, an unforgettable activity for your vacations: There are several beaches to the North of the city that are relatively quiet, without vendors or many other tourists. A few other great places to watch the sunset, are from Pancho’s restaurant on the beach, Diego’s beach club, La Mazatleca restaurant, Olas Altas, or from the rooftop of the Hotel Freeman in Olas Altas.

Tandem kayak to the middle Island:

You can rent kayaks from several of the beach vendors. Bring some water and some snacks with you, get your life jacket on, and head out to the middle island. There is a great beach there to just lay-out and relax. You can buy fresh coconuts there from the solo vendor, and enjoy the view of Mazatlan from a totally different perspective.

Have a romantic evening at the Plaza Machado:

Make a reservation at one of the plaza’s many great restaurants. We recomment Gaia’s, Casa 46, or Pedro and Lola’s. Go on a Friday or Saturday evening, and enjoy the live music offered at many of the restaurants, or stroll through the plaza and take a look at what the vendors have to offer.

Take a tour to visit El Quelite:

El Quelite is a small heritage town outside of Mazatlan. You can take a tour here and walk the small cobble-stone roads, see the city square, church, small shops, and enjoy the local cuisine.

Take a walk around the Historic Centre:

Leave the map at home, and lose yourself among the colorful historic buildings. Stop in to see what the local shops are selling, grab a fresh cup of coffee or stop in for a bite to eat at one of the many local restaurants.

Visit Mazatlan’s Cathedral:

Located in the Historic Centre, just a few blocks from the Pino Suarez market and Plaza Machado, the Cathedral is a must see when in Mazatlan. There are often different events being held throughout the week, but feel free to go inside and take a look around. Sit down for a while, and just relax. The church is absolutely stunning both during the day and at night.

Visit Stone Island:

You don’t need to take a guided tour to get to Stone Island, and we actually recommend that you go it on your own. Take a cab to the docks, and from there hop on a boat ferry that will take you across the water, and to the island. Once there, you can take another short cab ride to get to the main beach/restaurant area. It really feels like you are in another city, with another rhythm. Things move slower here, and it can be a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rent a boat and spend the day out on the water:

You can charter a boat for 2 and just spend the day cruising, or you can fish for the local catch which varies from season to season. Many boat rentals will include drinks and a small lunch, so talk with the operator and make sure you know what you should provide yourself, and what will be provided for you. If you fish, your captain will fillet the fish for you to take home and prepare. We suggest grilling the fish or preparing a fresh ceviche with onions, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and lime.

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