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Surf Mazatlan

Surfing is a sport that cannot be missed along the Pacific coast, and along the beaches of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan has fantastic beaches with sand or rock breaks, which can be found on points, in the open water, or at the river mouths. Because of this, waves can break to the right, to the left, or to both sides...however the majority of the waves will break to the left.

The size of the waves varies depending on the time of year, with May to September being the prime months, with great waves at almost every beach.

Mazatlan has beaches for all likes and dislikes. There are beaches which offer large waves of a more difficult grade, and others which offer smaller waves and longer breaks, perfect for beginners.

Among the most well known surfing beaches in Mazatlan is: El Camaron in Gaviotas, where the waves are a little calmer.

Waves that are larger and stronger can be found at Stone Island, Los Pinos, Las Isla de la Cerritos, and Olas Altas. Olas Altas is situated at the Southern tip of the Malecon, and whose name literally means “High Waves”. You will usually see surfers here on a daily basis, especially in the summer months.

Although Olas Altas may not be the ideal beach for swimming, due to the strong undercurrents, it is a great place to surf, take in the sun, enjoy some drinks or food from any of the great restaurants that line the street, and get a photo of one of Mazatlan’s spectacular sunsets!

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