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Carnaval Mazatlan

During the 5 days leading up to Ash Wednesday, Mazatleco’s participate in the years biggest celebration, known as Carnaval. In 1998, Mazatlan’s Carnaval celebrates 100 years since it’s modern day inception. Each year, Mazatlan is transformed not only by the magical decor around the city, but by the obvious change in attitude of it’s inhabitants. Mazatlan is filled with an heir of cheer and happiness.

Mazatlan’s Carnaval is different from other Carnaval celebrations held around the world, as here, much of our celebration is held to the rhythm of “Banda”, a regional style of music with strong drum beats, trumpets and tubas. In addition, there are several events planned throughout the week with a cultural focus (poetry readings, literature prizes and spectacular shows of local artistry). Then there are the parties, which extend to all members of society and run the gamut of interests from locals to tourists alike.

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