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What is a "Taquiza"?

There are so many ways to celebrate when in Mexico, and one of my favourite ways is with a Taquiza! This traditional Mexican meal is generally provided by a catering service, and includes a variety of different tacos, fresh hand-made corn tortillas, and some sort of juice or flavoured water. If you are lucky, some catering companies even throw-in a karaoke machine so you can rock the night away!

When you plan a Taquiza, you will pay for a certain number of people. Generally for 20+ people (you can make it as big as you want). Based on the number of people, you will then be able to chose the different types of tacos that you want. You get more choices the more people will be at your party. Some common tacos are: grilled beef, chile and corn in a cream sauce, shredded chicken in a cream sauce, beans, seasoned pork, marlin, or pork cracklings. With any package, companies will also provide you with chopped white onion, cilantro, lime and some type of sasa.

The fresh corn tortillas are delicious, and it is a treat to even just watch how they are made! So gather your friends and enjoy one of Mexico's most traditional celebrations!

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