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Faro Mazatlan

Mazatlan’s majestic lighthouse, El Faro, is located at the top of the hill known as El Creston, at the Southern tip of the city. The lighthouse is seated atop what was originally an island, with a longitude of 641 meters by 321 meters wide and 157 meters tall. Being that the lighthouse is located atop such a high natural structure makes it even more spectacular!

The hill on which Mazatlan’s, El Faro, sits is made up of a series of cliffs and stoic surrounding islands. If observed from a distance, the hill resembles a pyramid, with a sharp triangular form. The hill is quite steep, and has several deep caverns that reach down to the sea. It is not recommended to enter these caverns, due to the strong ocean currents that surge through them. Surrounding these caverns are several local legends, suggesting that hidden within the hill are treasures left behind in the 16th century by English pirates such as Thomas Caldrens or Cavendish, and Dutch pirate Spillbergen.

You can take a cab or walk to the base of the lighthouse, and make the hike to the top. The lower section of the hike is along a dirt trail, while the upper section is comprised of hand-laid stone steps all the way to the top. Once there, there are trees to offer a shady place to rest, and some of the best city views you can see! The lighthouse is well travelled by tourists and locals alike, and is a great place to get in some exercise. We recommend going early in the morning before the hot sun starts to come out. Let us know what you think once you make it to the top!

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