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Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a Vacation Rental

Almost anywhere you go in the world, there are vacation rentals. Houses, apartments/condominiums, villas, trailers, huts, tree-houses...almost any type of dwelling you can imagine. Here in Mazatlan, we have houses and apartments/condominiums that we offer our clients. Whether you are staying just one week, or a whole five months, vacation rentals are a great option.


Vacation rentals offer tremendous value when compared to hotels, particularily for longer stays (one month or more). Rates are often based per week or per month, rather than per day...which means savings for you! For example, this luxury condo located in Mazatlan, Mexico rents for $3,500.00 USD per month...and has room for 6 people. The property is beachfront, has a restaurant, pool, beach chairs, hammocks, grilling area, games room, gym, etc. If you stayed for a month, your daily rate per person would only be $19.40 USD!!! Now tell me that is not amazing! Pack Light. Since many vacation rentals come with a washer and dryer, you can pack lighter and save on some of those nasty baggage fees.


Vacation rentals generally offer much more space than you would get in a regular hotel. Most often, vacation rentals are equipped with a kitchen (or at least a kitchenette), living and dining area, and separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Enjoy a night in and relax on the couch, or take in the sun in your private backyard.

Live Like a Local

Staying in a vacation rental is a great way to get off the beaten track, and explore the city you are vacationing in. Go to the grocery store or markets to see what you can find, and make dinner at home. Grab the boogie-boards or kayaks included in your rental and head to the beach to have some fun in the sun. Enjoy more authentic experiences, and get away from the tourist traps and time-share presentations...and sink into you new home-away-from-home.

Group and Family Friendly

Vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, from small studio apartments to large luxurious beachfront villas. Somewhere in between, you will likely find something that is perfect for you. Not a family of 4??? No problem. Vacation rentals are varried and can accomodate small or large groups of people. Think about a vacation rental when you plan your next family getaway or reunion, your summer trip with friends, or even a romantic vacation with your someone special.

"Create your ideal vacation experience every time you rent a home. You can embark on an adventurous trip one year, explore Europe the next, and relax beachfront with cocktail in hand the year after. Begin by selecting a home to fulfill your leisure needs and you will quickly discover the endless possibilities of the vacation rental experience!" - Flipkey/Tripadvisor

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