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Superhighway Mazatlan - Durango

After more than 11 years of construction, the superhighway linking Mazatlan with Durango was inaugurated by President Enrique Peña Nieto.The superhighway runs all the way from Matamoros, Mexico (near the border with Texas) down to the sunny shores of Mazatlan.

Linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this highway is poised to be on center stage of the new economic trade route from Asia to the Eastern United States. New and existing businesses will now have the ability to extend their reach Northwards, and Mazatlan will grow as a hub for importing, exporting and shipping goods of all types.

On a more local scale, the highway reduces driving times from Durango to Mazatlan from 6 hours to only 2.5 hours...turning Mazatlan into the new vacation destination for "Duranguenses" (people from Durango) and others from the North of Mexico.

This new influx of tourism will have a positive impact on the whole city, as hotels fill up, restaurants are frequented and real estate values increase.

The superhighway Mazatlan-Matamoros is considered to be the greatest public work in the history of Mexico's highways. In it's entirety, the highway has 115 bridges and 61 tunnels.

El Puente Baluarte (Baluarte Bridge) in particular, is an engineering feat on it's own. The bridge passes through a mountain range called El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devils Spine) and spans across a gaping valley 390m (1,280 ft.) deep. El Puente Baluarte is the Guinness record holder as the worlds tallest suspencion bridge, crossing the valley of 520m (1,706 ft) that devides Sinaloa and Durango.

For people living in or wintering in Mazatlan, the highway to Durango will also open up a range of activities otherwise more difficult to access. You can stay in a rustic cabin and go mountain biking or zip lining...or just enjoy the cool mountain air!There are great things happening in Mazatlan!

Come visit us soon and stay in your own private home or condo!

Rachel Olsen

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