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Fishing in a Super PANGA!

Very early, last Sunday, my husband and I went out on our very first fishing expedition in Mazatlan! This is somewhat of a big deal, considering I have been coming to Mazatlan for over 10 years now, and Jorge (my husband) is from Mazatlan! You know how sometimes when you live somewhere, you don't take full advantage of the products, services or activities that you have available to you?? Well, that's kind of where we were...but not anymore!

Fishing was amazing!

We were a group of 4, and we went out on what is called a Super Panga. It is like a 14ft. (or so) motor boat with a small roof over the Capitains chair in the middle of the boat. There is a "bathroom" on board as well...but it is more of a small storage closet than anything. Once in the water, we drove and drove North for at least an hour before stopping at our first bottom-fishing site.

Our capitain, Chuy, and his first -mate helped us get our lines baited with live shrimp and baby squid, and just like that...we were fishing! It wasn't long before we started catching fish either... It was very exciting! These ocean fish definitely fight harder than the little freshwater trout and pickerel that I am used to catching at home in Canada!

We brought drinks and snacks with us in cooler bags, and took turns drinking, eating and fishing. After reeling-in a few good sized fish...I didn't mind sitting back and enjoying the beautiful weather. We were out from around 6:00am until 1:00pm. We bottom-fished for a while, then we set out to do some trolling for the bigger fish. The entire day was a very positive experience.

Our Capitain spoke fluent English, and was very knowledgeable on all things marine. We saw some manta rays leaping out of the water about 100 yards or so from our boat, AND got to spend some great time out on the water, in the middle of nowhere. Our total catch for the day was about 17 fish I think. Not too bad for a few newbies!

Once we got back to the marina, the fish were all filleted for us, and we devided them amongst our group of 4, and gave some to the Capitain and his helper. There was more than enough to go around!Later that evening we had our family over for supper. We made ceviche, sashimi and fried fish... for 6 people with just what we took home!

If you are in Mazatlan, or planning on coming to Mazatlan, do NOT miss out on the opportunity to go fishing! There are several different boats you can rent which range greatly in cost...but the point here is to just get out on the water. Head out in a Super Panga like we did for next to nothing, and you will not regret it. Mazatlan has some of the best fishing in the world!

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