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A Trip to Mazatlan's Pino Suarez Market

One of the things that I love the most about Mexico are the markets. There are countless markets in every city, and you can usually find just about anything in them!

I've been to the San Juan market in Mexico City, where they sell everything from Lions meat to lemons, and craft markets in Merida where you can find beautiful (and at the same time creepy) live bug jewelry! Thats right, a jewel adorned brooch that moves about your shirt as you go on with your day!

The point is, a visit to the market in Mexico is always exciting! In Mazatlan, the biggest and most popular market is the Pno Suarez Market. First opened in 1899, the Pino Suarez downtown market has been operating continuously for more than 110 years. This classic warehouse-style vaulted metal and glass structure covers a full city block. The Market has well defined areas for fruit and vegetables, meats, poultry and fish, and also has stores which sell toiletries, cleaning products, candies, dairy products and a few specialty items such as herbs and natural remedies. Since the 1950's the market has also offered clothing, shoes, arts and crafts, and jewelry...making it a one-stop-shop for almost all of your shopping needs! The best thing about buying food from the market, is that it is fresh, fresh, fresh. Fish caught the night before is put on ice and sold throughout the day, and meat can be butchered to your specifications, right then and there. You will also find items in the market that are not typically available in city grocery stores...and that definitely aren't available in most Canadian or American supermarkets! The Pino Suarez market is also a great place to grab a bite to eat. On the second floor of the market, you can order a typical Sinaloense meal, as well as tacos and/or seafood. There are also several stands in and around the main level which sell natural juices, flavoured waters, fruit, nuts and typical Mexican candies. Be adventurous and try something new! You can easily get to the market by hopping in a cab or pulmonia (about 60 pesos from the Golden Zone), or you can just as easily take the bus! Either way, just make sure you go. Whether you buy some groceries or souveniers, stay for lunch, or just take will always leave having experienced something new!

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